… imagine if more women led the world…
… imagine if more women led the world…

Want to feel confident again?

Sometimes you just lose that zip, that zap, that zing that makes every day worth getting out of bed for.  You get tired of knowing that once you were a confident human being. A capable one. One that did things and got things done. Confidence. Zest. Energy. Feeling comfortable in your own skin.  How long since you felt like that? Remember? Feel it again!  Springboard Women’s Development Program will restore your confidence and do-ability. Call us on 0431 535 040.

Want to know more about the Springboard Women’s Development Program and what it can do for you?

Springboard is one of the most acclaimed programs – and it gets results! Rarely does a program impact so many people at so many levels. Springboard is an award-winning professional and personal development program. Be one of the thousands who have found what they’re looking for in this comprehensive and self-paced series of workshops, readings, networks and support!

What’s the Springboard Program About?

Springboard is a professional and personal development program for women. It covers a wide range of skills, attitudes and knowledge to effect change. The degree of change is up to the individual participant who is armed with considerable information to continue the change process long after the program is completed.

Career planning. Networking. Finding and setting direction. Realistic self assessment. Communication skills. Assertiveness. Confidence and Self Esteem. Handling Change. Getting Balance in Work and Life. These are just some of the areas covered in the program.  Book now by calling Deb on 0431 535 040.

Success History

Let’s look at the credentials of the Springboard program.

  • Conducted for 25+ years (since 1992 in Australia) so it has stood the test of time.
  • Programs run in more than 33 countries (and every state/territory in Australia).
  • Well over 240,000 participants (65,000+ in Australia).
  • Over 300 organisations in Australia alone have sponsored Springboard for their staff.
  • It’s proven to be effective and successful.

Why is Springboard Unique?

Firstly, it’s one of the few gender-based programs. Research shows that women and men learn differently and have varying life experiences. In most ‘regular’ training, this is not an issue, but in development training it is demonstrated that learning is better and behaviour change more assured when programs run along gender lines. Hence, Springboard for Women and Navigator for Men.

Secondly, the deliberate structure of the program is designed to optimise learning and change. Springboard is not a quick fix or motivational one day wonder. The training is conducted in separate instructor-led workshops spread over a three month period. Between workshops, participants pore through a comprehensive workbook full of examples and case studies (Australian ones!). They network and gain support throughout the program. At the end, they can continue the learning through an ongoing formal or informal network.

Call to make a booking with Deb on 0431 535 040.

The material is well-researched and regularly updated to accommodate new theories and events. The blended learning approach is robust and the methodology is grounded in solid adult-learning principles. It’s a sound and solid training program which operates on many levels and importantly, ensures the learning is in the hands of the participant.

Springboard is conducted only by licensed and trained facilitators to ensure the integrity and quality of the program offerings.

What do people say about Springboard?

People pay thousands for courses which deliver hype and little else. You’ll find Springboard very affordable. And it pays huge dividends. Just listen to what organisations and participants say about the program….

(By the way, these are genuine testimonials)

“One of the few programs that give you that “a-ha!” experience”.
“Absolutely the best thing I’ve done. Ever.”
“How can I thank you – this has been a godsend for me.”
“We will keep Springboard as one of the programs to run year after year.”

Personally trained and licensed by the original creators of the program, we can now offer this fabulous training program to you.
SPRINGBOARD.org.au is accredited and licensed as providers of this amazingly successful program. That is your guarantee of the quality and integrity of the program.

For more information, call Deb on 0431 535 040 or email now.

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