… imagine if more women led the world…
… imagine if more women led the world…

Career Check

It’s almost half the year gone…have you reached where you wanted to be in your career, or is this a case of another year floating by? * Are you on the right path? * How do you know? * What are the alternatives? The first step to moving ahead in your career is to sit quietly and review your career so far. Before you move ahead with this, find a quiet space to sit undisturbed for an hour. Grab a healthy drink, a notebook and pen. Now, think about and answer these questions.

    * What is your current role and how do you feel about it?
    * What has felt right about your career to date?
    * If you could change something what would it be?
    * What do you really want in a job? eg location, responsibilities, money, type of colleagues, development opportunities – be as specific and realistic as you can possibly be
    * What’s stopping you?

Any surprises in your answers? Any patterns or revelations? Once you’ve done some self-reflection you then need to plan ahead. Let’s try out these questions – again write your answers down in your notebook.

    * What are you meant to be doing?
    * Where are you going?
    * How do you fit it all in?
    * What do I do, where do I start?

Irrespective of whether you are able to answer all the above questions or need to do some more reflection and research, there are things you can do right now to improve your career position. To build your success at work, here area few key actions you can take.

    * Gain confidence from performing well – be open to feedback about shortfalls in your performance and develop these skills or compensate for them
    * Determine what your next career step is likely to be – what skills, abilities, knowledge will be required for that role – find ways to develop those skills while you are in your current role
    * Develop and exercise your Emotional Intelligence – it’s way more important to your career than your skills or performance (although these need to be at an acceptable level)
    * Be active in developing your career – don’t wait for someone to hand you an opportunity – take charge of your own destiny and put your hand up for ways to improve your skills and position

Just by reviewing your career progress and focussing on where you want to be in future you start to make changes which facilitate that transition. Small steps. Small risks, Always taking some action in the direction of your goals.

Until next time,
take care


Melanie Wass is Principal of Natural Consulting and an accredited Springboard trainer. She has many years of experience in people management in the public and private sector, a degree in Psychology and is a trained Coach. Find out more about Melanie from www.naturalconsulting.com.au.

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