… imagine if more women led the world…
… imagine if more women led the world…

Facts on Rural Women

Sunday October 15 is Rural Women’s Day

  • Rural women, mainly farmers, are at least 1.6 billion and represent more than a quarter of the total world population.

  • Women produce on average more than half of all the food that is grown: up to 😯 per cent in Africa, 6O per cent in Asia, between 3O and 4O per cent in Latin America and Western countries.

  • Women own only 2 per cent of the land, and receive only one per cent of all agricultural credit.

  • Only 5 per cent of all agricultural extension resources are directed to women.

  • Women represent two third of all illiterate people.

  • The number of rural women living in poverty has doubled since 197O.

Source www.rural-womens-day.org/

Rural women in Australia, especially those affected by the worst drought in a 100 years, are doing it tough. In the cities we’re being warned about the shortage of agricultural product and a hike in prices for fresh fruit and vegies (apart from bananas!). We’re also being warned about another spike in the suicide rate of farmers. This week, and especially Sunday, spare a thought and prayer for the farming women.

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