… imagine if more women led the world…
… imagine if more women led the world…

Things not going well? Overcome Negativity

Even extreme optimists have moments when things don’t go the way they are planned.

Negativity is all around us. Most of us have times when things just don’t go well. It’s hard to keep your pecker up at times … and at other times we simply run out of ideas or strategies to know what to do.

Springboard focuses on taking more responsibility for your circumstances to find a way out of negativity. Try these tips from past participants …

Antidotes to Negativity

  • Acknowledge negative aspects of your life – then you can change them.
  • Make it a priority to do what you can and don’t feel guilty if you can’t do it – take the pressure off!
  • Keep smiling when someone is negative to you. Rise above it – it’s their problem.
  • If your job is under threat, update your resume, keep your skills up to standard, recognise what skills you have that can be applied to other jobs and keep informed about what’s going on.
  • When you miss out on a job, get feedback from the interviewer. Stay positive and keep applying for other roles. Do a job hunting course to refresh your skills in that area.
  • Keep developing by using your time at lunch, setting aside a ‘study area’ at home and book time into your diary to dedicate to learning. Get up a half-hour earlier to fit it in to your day.
  • Don’t try and make “me time” … TAKE it!
  • Do things in small chunks if it seems too big to do all at once.

See how wise and wonderful our Springboard participants are?

Action Step:

Think about those times in the past when you’ve hit a slump or a roadblock. Focus on those times when you snapped out of it pretty quick and managed to turn your thinking or the situation around. Have a look at what you did to make that happen. If that technique worked then it may be one you can use again in future to get through.

If you’re a diary type, journal your days and make sure you cover off situations, responses and outcomes. That way you’re compiling a set of strategies you can employ in future to get into more positive territory.

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