… imagine if more women led the world…
… imagine if more women led the world…

What Worked For Me!

In the pace of life we find ourselves in, with all the demands on our time, we sometimes forget to acknowledge what we’ve actually done. Here’s a bunch of improvements women who have been on the program have made.

  • Making ‘me time’ to work on my development.
  • Managing to concentrate and ‘zone in’.
  • Learning about goal-setting, and people’s ego, motivation and power (including my own).
  • Got distinctions in my TAFE course!
  • I coach a children’s soccer team. My kids won!
  • I’ve got a public speaking opportunity to talk about Springboard and my experience with it.
  • I’ve joined Toastmasters.
  • I got married (it was already planned before Springboard!).
  • I’m now a women’s representative at work.
  • I’ve got more self-awareness.
  • Because people know I’m doing Springboard, they see me as proactive and that’s helping to build my profile at work.
  • I’m feeling more in control and positive.
  • Doing Springboard is a great chance to take some time out.
  • I’ve given much more thought to things.
  • “Flossy” has changed my life.
  • Completing the workbook has increased my motivation.
  • Hooked up with my buddy
  • I’ve been putting Springboard into practice
  • I actioned goals I set last time
  • Sorted our a personal relationship
  • Got an ‘acting up’ opportunity at work
  • Had an interview for a new job
  • Been applying for new jobs
  • Increased confidence
  • More focus on my health and fitness
  • Used ideas from the workshops to improve my time management
  • Got myself out of a bad cycle
  • My job has been going well
  • I’m exercising more
  • Found more ‘me’ time
  • I’m having a social life

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