… imagine if more women led the world…
… imagine if more women led the world…

Being a Woman

No matter which gender you were born, there are advantages and challenges it presents. Part of succeeding in life is coming to terms with those and building strategies to minimise the challenges – whether that be real or imagined. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best and worst things about being born a woman.

The Best Things …

  • femininity – being girly
  • we love shopping
  • shoes, clothes, accessories
  • avoiding heavy lifting and delegating that to men
  • having power and influence
  • more tolerant and patient
  • we live longer
  • being multi-skilled, multi-tasking
  • we’re resilient
  • women’s intuition
  • we nurture well
  • friendships, connections, quality of relationships
  • girlfriends – women’s support, girly chats
  • we can eat quiche
  • we have sex appeal
  • emotional freedom
  • career scope
  • smart
  • creative
  • girls nights out
  • we can dance
  • motherhood
  • love pampering
  • we can communicate more effectively

The Worst Things …

  • weight issues – body image, fluctuations
  • double standards
  • condescending attitude from men
  • being underestimated means you get overlooked and are not heard
  • harder to get promotions
  • “expected” gender roles at home and work – we’re expected to do the housework and work
  • stereotypes
  • hormones – periods/ childbirth/menopause
  • shaving
  • having to sacrifice your career to have kids
  • having a higher percentage of body fat than men
  • stigma attached to ‘female drivers’
  • 6 inch heels
  • spare tyres and muffin tops
  • having the responsibility for birth control
  • not understanding ‘men things’
  • perception of ownership – trophy wife syndrome

Take a few minutes to think about what you see as advantages and challenges of being born female. Which let you down in life – and how can you minimise their impact?

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